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It’s Smokin’!: The Best Smoker Ovens for Your Establishment

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FWE / Food Warming Equipment Co., Inc. LCH-1826-7-7-SK-G2 Low Temp Cook & Hold Smoker Cabinet Oven
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FWE / Food Warming Equipment Co., Inc. LCH-6-6-SK-G2 Low Temp Cook & Hold Smoker Cabinet Oven
FWE / Food Warming Equipment Co., Inc. LCH-6-6-SK-G2 Low Temp Cook & Hold Smoker Cabinet Oven
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Retail $14,854.80
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Everyone loves the classic smoky taste infused into their food when cooked over fuel like wood or coal. The commercial smoker is a specialized oven that lets you do this while slow-cooking your meat cuts to perfection. Smoker ovens are great options if you’re looking to give meats a signature taste that will keep your customers coming back for more. These ovens cook the meats slowly in their fluids until golden brown perfection, making sure the moisture remains locked into the meat despite the long cooking time. They’re available in both electric and gas options, however, the gas options allow for quicker heating. Smoker ovens are available in both countertop and standalone varieties that can carry a large number of sheet pans to cook. The smoke inside is produced by wood chips, fat, or sawdust. Modern smoker ovens come with food holding options, that can let you hold your food at safe and hot temperatures until it’s time to serve your customers. Chef Buyer understands that restaurant owners and managers are always looking for quick and easy ways to service their high-volume business. Our catalogs have been curated bearing this in mind, and feature the best of brands offering devices of high repute. All of your purchases are covered by company-assured guarantees, so you can rest assured about the performance of all these ovens. When quality is of the essence, Chef Buyer is your best bet.

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