Oversized Cubes Ice Makers

Oversized Cube Ice makers – Great Addition to Your Bar or Restaurant

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Oversized ice cubes are the perfect size to cool down your cocktail or spirits without melting and watering them down. Larger ice cubes have a lesser combined surface area than the same volume of smaller ice cubes and melt slower. Specialty ice machines that make these cubes would be a great addition to your bar or restaurant, especially if you’re serving cocktails and mixed drinks. At Chef Buyer, we have an excellent, quick and easy way to service your high-volume business. Capable of producing ice around the clock on a 24-hour operation, our oversized-cube ice makers are capable of producing 700-900 lbs. of ice within the same time period. The volume of ice produced can be varied according to your requirements, saving you water and electric expenses as well as avoiding wastage. Although air cooled ice makers require a lot of room for proper cooling, the Elevation Series machines from Ice-O-Matic feature dual exhausts that reduce the room required for operation and function well, even if one of the exhausts is obstructed. We also stock various accessories for your oversized-cube ice makers, such as water filtration systems and cleaning supplies. Be sure to take a look at our inventory and you will definitely find something that suits your needs!

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