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Say Goodbye to Dry Bread: Premium Pan Rack Covers for your Bakery

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John Boos ABPR-1820-PC-X Bun Pan Rack Cover
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John Boos ABPR-1820-PC Bun Pan Rack Cover
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Eagle Group P2RC-3 Panco® Rack Cover


Eagle Group P2RC-4 Panco® Rack Cover


Advance Tabco PRC-2 Rack Cover


Advance Tabco PRC-1 Rack Cover


Eagle Group P2RCW-3 Panco® Rack Cover


Eagle Group P2RCW-4 Panco® Rack Cover


Blodgett COVER Thermal Cover
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One of the most common units in a bakery is a sheet pan rack. Holding several sheet pans of bread, cookies, sponge cake, and more, these units are the go-to storage solution when managing the baking section. However, pan racks are open and do not come with doors as they reduce the functionality of the unit. Pan rack covers, however, solve this problem in a very simple and easy manner while costing a minimal amount. Pan rack covers are made of polymer, vinyl, blended polymer fabric, and clear plastic. They help you keep the moisture locked into the bread and other baked goods while they're sitting on the pan rack, and also keep away potential pollutants and contaminants. The clear varieties of pan rack covers feature see-through material and help you be watchful while placing the covers, whereas others are often translucent or opaque. Pan rack covers come with a single or dual zipper that runs from the top to the bottom of the cover. It can either be mounted from the side or the top of the sheet pan rack, depending on your convenience. Pan rack covers are economical and ingenious solutions when you're looking for quick and easy ways to service your high-volume business. Choose from the best pan rack covers for ideal results.

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