Pasta Rinse Stations

No More Starchy Messes: The Best Pasta Rinse Stations for your Restaurant

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Anets RSF-14 Pasta Rinse Tank
$3,765.21 /each
Retail $3,765.21
Your price $3,060.25
Anets RSF-18 Pasta Rinse Tank
$4,514.48 /each
Retail $4,514.48
Your price $3,632.42
Imperial IPC-RS-14 Rinse Station
$4,603.00 /each
Retail $4,603.00
Your price $3,695.00
Imperial IPC-RS-18 Rinse Station
$4,603.00 /each
Retail $4,603.00
Your price $3,695.00
Pitco SSRS14 Solstice Supreme™ Rinse Station for gas/electric
$5,707.50 /each
Retail $5,707.50
Your price $4,544.46
Southbend NODR14 Rinse Station

When you’re looking to create a comprehensive pasta section in your restaurant, a pasta rinse station comes in handy. These units are built out of rugged stainless steel construction and are corrosion resistant, making sure the pasta rinse station lasts for several years. They come equipped with large faucets that can spray down and wash large batches of pasta in a single go. Pasta with excess starch can cause it to stick together, creating lumps in the preparation and ruining the entire batch. Pasta rinse stations are the perfect antidote to this, making sure the pasta is washed in clean, running water before your chefs take them away to be tossed with sauces, vegetables, and meats. These units can be hooked onto a conventional water supply, however, pasta rinse stations also come with tanks that store water. When you’re running a busy restaurant, quick and easy ways to service your high-volume business become quite important. Consider inducting a pasta rinse station to help your chefs create high-quality Italian delights at the snap of a finger. Chef Buyer’s catalogs are carefully curated by our commercial kitchen experts who have had decades-spanning experience in the industry. Our establishment sources and features products only from the best of brands, making sure you don’t have to settle for anything lesser than top-notch. When you’re looking to balance convenience and quality, Chef Buyer’s your best bet.

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