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Victorinox Swiss Army 40694 Peeler


Admiral Craft PP-605 Peeler/Corer


NEMCO Food Equipment 55775 Easy Pineapple Corer/Peeler
$875.60 /each
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NEMCO Food Equipment 55775-1 Easy Pineapple Corer/Peeler
$875.60 /each
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Skyfood Equipment DAL-6 Garlic Peeler
$1,157.43 /each
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Peeling vegetables properly is necessary for creating delicious dishes. Your sous chef and chef will love highly durable manual vegetable peelers. With manual peelers, you can peel the skin of potatoes and other fresh vegetables with great ease. You can purchase a straight manual peeler for greater control while you handle smaller pieces of vegetables. You can also use Y-shaped peelers over straight peelers. These Y-shaped peelers come with ergonomically designed handles for peeling irregularly shaped food items. You can also purchase manual hand crank vegetable peelers for high-volume usage. With these units, you can peel and core different types of vegetables easily. These manual peelers are ideal for peeling fruits like apples, oranges, and other premium fruits. Most manual peelers come equipped with razor-sharp blades that can peel off the skin and outer layers of a vegetable. With straight manual peelers, you can peel vegetables in an upward or downward motion. You can also choose from various peelers, opt for a smooth blade for the regular peeling task, and serrated blades to make patterns on your vegetables. Serrated blades are perfect for garnishing purposes. Most peelers come with stainless steel or steel blades for durability. Also, manual vegetable peelers provide a quick and easy way to peel cucumbers, carrots, and other vegetables.

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