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Peeler Parts - Integral to your Food Preparation Process

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Sammic 2009250 (2009250) Stand with Filter
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Sammic 2009270 (2009270) Stand with Filter
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As a restauranteur, you will find the need for efficient, effective, and excellent equipment 24*7. The quality of your food relies heavily on the quality of the product and the preciseness and uniformity of your preparation. Peeler parts are integral to your food preparation process. Peeler parts can help enhance productivity and ease of usage for your restaurant staff. You can find different types of peeler parts, such as: Cabinet bases and traps with stainless steel strainers for potatoes. Leg extensions for your peelers to lift your peeler a few inches off the ground. Note that these leg extensions are made of stainless steel and contain rubber suction cups. Portable stands for your peelers so that your peeler stays stationary where you need it, and can be wheeled away when not needed. Peeler parts come with adjustable height. Peeler stands with a filter that holds your peeler in place at the right height. These peeler stands are made of stainless steel and are thus highly durable. The peeler stand helps catch the potatoes as they exit your peeler, and it also comes with no-foam filters. Baskets for peelers help catch peels easily so that they can be disposed of in a bunch. Baskets usually hover over the discharge so that this way, your peels don’t clog your drains. Other important peeler parts can include blade sets, disc blades, lids, roll pins, top hoppers, knobs, grooves, motors, spacers, and more. Peeler parts provide you with a quick and easy way to service your high-volume business. Rest assured that you will find OEM peeler parts conveniently at great prices.

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