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Old-school Coffee: Efficient Percolators for your Establishment

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Hamilton Beach D50065 Coffee Urn/Percolator
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When your customers appreciate slowly brewed and concentrated coffee, a percolator can be a brilliant investment. Percolators are ingenious cookware that can help you make the best brews to strike a chord with your customers. These units are commonly made out of stainless steel constructions, and contain a chamber that can be filled with coffee grounds or beans, while the bottom region is reserved for water. Interconnected via a tube, as the water comes to a boil, it enters the parts where the grounds are held and slowly dissolves the parts of the grounds that are soluble in water. The dripping creates a strong and aromatic brew, meant to energize your customers the moment it hits their tongues. Available in both electric and conventional varieties, percolators can be an important tool when you’re looking for quick and easy ways to serve your high-volume business. With the best brands on the market lining our catalogs and the best possible customer service options available, Chef Buyer is a premium choice for your commercial kitchen requirements. All of your purchases are protected by company-assured warranties and can be availed at the best market price. Be sure to choose only from the best, be sure to choose only from Chef Buyer.

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