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Plastic shelvings are perfect for restaurants, cafes, diners, schools, convenience stores, and other institutions. With plastic shelvings, you can store dry food products or goods. These shelvings are durable, and you can store medium to heavy products with ease. Most plastic shelvings are made from recycled plastic, which is great for the environment. Plastic shelvings provide quick and easy storage solutions. These units are easy to clean; you can clean plastic shelvings with water. As plastic is non-corrosive, these units are not prone to rust. Plastic shelvings are designed to hold hundreds of pounds of food products. You can store large sacks of sugar and salt on these shelvings. With these practical storage solutions, you can store as many as hundreds of pounds of goods. These solutions are ideal for any setting; you can use them in your kitchen area, storage area, basement, garage, or the laundry room. Most plastic shelvings can be installed with ease and without any professional help. Plastic shelvings are scratch-resistant and can withstand frequent usage. These units also offer ventilated shelving for air to pass through freely. Ventilated plastic shelvings are ideal for wet and humid conditions. You can purchase plastic shelving in various sizes; you can opt for large or small plastic shelving units to store essential equipment or produce.

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