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Plate dispensers are perfect for buffets, events, self-service restaurants, schools, offices, and other institutions. With plate dispensers, you can dispense plates for your patrons with ease. Plate dispensers come in various types and sizes. You can purchase heated and non-heated plate dispensers for your establishment. You can place these dispensers at the beginning of your buffet line so that your guests can easily access plates or dishes. You can opt for open or enclosed mobile heated plate dispensers depending upon your business needs. Enclosed plate dispenser models are perfect for buffets and banquet halls, making them quick and easy ways to service your high-volume business. The enclosed models are more hygienic than other open-type plate dispensers. You can purchase cylindrical plate dispenser models that keep the plates concealed and prevent contamination. These dispensers are visually appealing and blend in with the decor. With these self-dispensing plate dispensers, your patrons will always find a sanitary plate with ease. You can also opt for cylindrical dispenser models with one or more columns for large halls and banquets. Some plate dispensers are designed especially for storing and dispensing dessert and salad plates. With heated plate dispensers, you can serve warm foods over a prolonged period. Plate dispensers also come with lids for retaining heat and for storing the dishes in hygienic conditions.

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