Eagle Group Pre-Rinse Units

Sprayin' it Down: Efficient Pre-rinse Units for your Restaurant

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Eagle Group 300718-X Pre-Rinse Spray Unit


Eagle Group 300719-X Pre-Rinse Spray Unit


Eagle Group 300718 Pre-Rinse Spray Unit


Eagle Group 300719 Pre-Rinse Spray Unit


Eagle Group 313295-X T&S Pre-Rinse Spray


Eagle Group 313295 T&S Pre-Rinse Spray


Eagle Group 313296 T&S Pre-Rinse Spray


The dishes you use at your establishment can often come back with leftover grease, sauce, condiments, and scraps. These leftovers need to be removed before your staff can get these dishes washed and rinsed. Pre-rinse units or faucets are designed specifically to perform this task. They're available in a variety of configurations including wall and deck mounted options so that your backhouse staff can remove leftovers and proteins caked onto the plate before the more rigorous sanitation process can take place. These units come with several attachments and spares that help them function efficiently. Pre-rinse valves can be added to your pre-rinse unit if you're looking to consume lesser water per wash. An existing pre-rinse faucet can also be supplemented with an extra faucet to increase your ware washing efficiency. These units are simple and easy to operate as several models include wrist-action activation. Pre-rinse units are compatible with a majority of commercial sink models and require no additional configurations to be outfitted at your establishment's backhouse space. If you're looking for clean dishes and quick & easy ways to service your high-volume business, pre-rinse units are ingenious, low-cost, and effective options. Further your sanitation capabilities with the best pre-rinse units today.

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