Advance Tabco Prep Table Sink Units

Experience Comfort of Work: The Best Prep Table Sink Units for Your Restaurant

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The food prepping area is one of the most bustling parts of the kitchen with constant chopping, rinsing, processing, grating, and shredding. Needless to say, your staff requires a healthy amount of space to work so they can bring out the best product. When your sinks are placed away from the food prep areas, your sous chefs and helpers often spend an unwanted amount of time moving around the kitchen to rinse produce or their hands. Prep table sinks are ideal attachments to your existing food prep area so you can help your staff save up on both time and effort. These come with drop-in and standalone units that can be attached to existing prep tables so you needn’t renovate the kitchen. The construction is made of rust-proof, high-grade stainless steel that is resilient to all sorts of wear and tear. When you’re looking for quick and easy ways to service your high-volume business, prep table sink units are a welcome find. Chef Buyer is a veteran in commercial kitchen supplies and is always on the lookout for new ingenious solutions for its customers. We source our products from premier brands and suppliers that include Advance Tabco, Cambro, and Power Soak. We provide user-centric catalogs that support quick & easy browsing so you can make selections without too much hassle. Our experts are capable of handling any specific and complicated concerns about your establishment. Shop with Chef Buyer, experience quality.

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