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Experience Convenience: Top-notch Drop-in Ranges for your Commercial Kitchen

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Wells H-336 Hotplate
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Wells HC-1006 Hotplate
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Wells HC-1256 Hotplate
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Wells H-636 Hotplate
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Wells H-706 Hotplate
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Wells HC-2256 Hotplate
Retail $2,187.00
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Whether you're planning an outdoor cooking area, a catering order to service, or just supplementing the existing output of your commercial kitchen, a drop-in range can be of great utility. Drop-in ranges come with either cooktops, coils, or hot plates depending on the kind of model and energy source they use. You can cook, boil, roast, fry, and stir fry just as well with drop-in ranges, and they also help you save space in the kitchen. Most drop-in ranges come with stainless steel construction for added durability. These units come with a dedicated control unit that can be mounted near the drop-in range. The control units come with accurate temperature measures and controls so you can modulate the amount of heat you're using to prepare your offerings. These units are ideal for restaurateurs looking for quick and easy ways to service their high-volume business. For cramped kitchens they aid in a simple increase in output with little to no hassle, whereas for outdoor businesses, they allow your chefs to cook in front of your customers, adding impulse value to your establishment. The number of burners and tops can vary from model to model and can be chosen based on the extent of flexibility you intend on incorporating into your kitchen.  When quick and easy cooking is a priority, drop-in ranges are great support systems in the commercial kitchen.

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