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Refrigerated Beverage Dispensers - Serve Cold and Refreshing Prepared Drinks

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A cold and refreshing drink on a warm day can make all the difference in your customer’s routine. Iced teas, lemonades, iced coffees, juices, and pre-mixed cold drinks are a great pairing with a meal or a snack. With a dispenser that provides a nice cup of the beverage of your choice, you can attract customers to stay in your establishment longer and order other menu items to go with their drink. Refrigerated beverage dispensers can be used to set up full-serve or self-serve beverage counters inside your premises. These appliances are great at keeping all types of soft beverages cold and provide your customers with various beverage options. Depending on the assortment of drinks, you can showcase up to four distinct beverages in some models. These dispensers have a clear top to give you a full view of the beverage levels and also allows the customer to take a glance at the colorful selection you have for sale. Perfect for any convenience store, deli or quick-stop-shop, refrigerated beverage dispensers can be used to set up a drinks counter which is sure to boost sales in your establishment. Chef Buyer prides itself on providing you with a great selection of refrigerated drink dispensers from reputable names like Grindmaster-Cecilware, FMP, Santos and Admiral Craft. Our wide selection is a reliable, quick and easy way to service your high-volume business and boost sales. If you have any queries regarding your specific needs, our dedicated customer service team is here to help you out. Do feel free to reach out to us with any questions regarding your requirements and we would be glad to assist you.  

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