Admiral Craft Refrigerated Deli Cases

Deli Cases – Invaluable and Easily Accessible Showcases for your Food Establishment

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Deli cases are an invaluable addition to any delicatessen, corner shop, or bodega. These cases are used to present cured meats, cheeses, chilled salads, and sandwiches through a curved glass front. By providing an unobstructed view of the chilled items in stock, you can show them off to customers while keeping them refrigerated at an optimal temperature. Staff members can access and retrieve items from the back panel, which usually features sliding glass doors. The top of the case is flat and utility items, such as weighing scales and paper bags can be placed here. The front of the typical deli case is curved glass and the inside of the case is illuminated to give the customer the best view of your merchandise. Inside the case, items can be placed on adjustable shelves, much like a typical refrigerator. Chef Buyer has an excellent selection of deli cases from reputable brands such as Beverage Air, Federal Industries, Traulsen, and Turbo Air. Our extensive range is sure to be a quick and easy way to service your high-volume business. Moreover, we have a dedicated team that is eager to provide you with the best customer service and answer any questions you have about our products. Be sure to contact us if you have any queries regarding equipping your establishment with the best appliances and we would be glad to assist!

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