Refrigerated Lettuce Crisper Dispensers

Crunchy Salads & More: Premium Refrigerated Lettuce Crisper Dispensers for your Restaurant

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Glastender LC Refrigerated Lettuce Crisper
Glastender LC Refrigerated Lettuce Crisper
  • 2023 model, meets the newest EPA and DOE codes.
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If you're looking to serve your customers healthy options like salads, you need to make the offerings interesting & delicious. To help you undertake this initiative, dedicated technology in the form of refrigerated lettuce crisper dispensers would be a great investment. These units can take several heads of lettuce, sliced, diced, or julienned, and keep them at cool temperatures so the lettuce doesn't get soggy and lose its crunch. Refrigerated lettuce crisper dispensers have efficient temperature controls that can help you monitor the internal temperature of the unit based on the weather outside. Available in both standalone and wall-mount units, these units are made of stainless steel that makes cleaning & maintenance a simple task for your staff. They're available in several capacities; while the large units are more suited to a salad bar, the mid-sized and small lettuce crisper dispensers are better placed in cafés and bistros. Investing in quality equipment like refrigerated lettuce crisper dispensers is sure to help you with a quick and easy way to servicing your high-volume business. Browse through the highly acclaimed options to make the best of your operation, and add to your customers' satisfaction with a dash of health.

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