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Simplicity of Storage: High-grade Refrigerator Shelves for your Restaurant

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Hoshizaki HS-5058 Shelf
Hoshizaki HS-5059 Shelf
Hoshizaki HS-5108 Shelf
Hoshizaki HS-5052 Shelf
Glastender 06009785 19-1/2" Diameter Rotary Refrigerator / Freezer Shelf
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Hoshizaki HS-5116 Shelf
Hoshizaki HS-5054 Shelf
Hoshizaki HS-5053 Shelf
Turbo Air TSOS-3 Overshelf -double
Turbo Air TSOS-4 Overshelf -double
Turbo Air TSOS-3R Overshelf -double
Turbo Air TSOS-4R Overshelf -double
Turbo Air TSOS-P4 Overshelf -single
In commercial establishments, refrigerators store large quantities of raw material, ice, frozen products, and desserts. Whether it's a walk-in, roll-in, under-counter, or merchandising refrigerator, the unit functions with multiple shelves that can hold products in place and also in ways that are ordered and ergonomic. Because of the rigors of a commercial kitchen, refrigerator shelves can break, become bent, or just wear out with daily use. With spare shelves on hand, commercial kitchens can always be ready to store products efficiently in their refrigeration systems. Refrigerator shelves come in a variety of constructions made of different materials. Common types include those made of stainless steel, reinforced metal, glass, hard polymer resin, and unbreakable plastic. Shelves are also available in different colors and some of them tend to be color-coded to demarcate specific sections in the refrigerator. It's important to check the dimensions of the existing shelves, the model, and the brand name of the refrigerator when shopping for refrigerator shelves since most companies have measurements specific to each model and offer model-exclusive spares. Quick and easy ways to service your high-volume business are feasible only when seamless storage options are ensured. Make sure you invest in refrigerator shelves of reputable quality for unhindered cold storage.

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