Regular Size Cubes Ice Makers

Machines Allow You to Adjust the Volume of Ice Needed According to Your Usage Needs

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Manitowoc IRT0620W Water-Cooled Ice Maker, Regular Size Cubes, 22" W
$4,122.93 /each
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Manitowoc IRT0900W Water-Cooled Ice Maker, Regular Size Cubes, 30" W
$6,343.61 /each
Retail $6,343.61
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Ice is one of the most basic necessities in any food and drink establishment. From cooling drinks to keeping produce and meats fresh, it is one of the most important components of a well-organized kitchen. At Chef Buyer, we have an excellent, quick and easy way to service your high-volume business needs. We offer ice cube makers that suit the needs of any establishment that needs regular-sized cubes. The main advantage of regular-sized ice cubes is that they are cost-effective to make and store, making them a great choice for bars and restaurants alike. These are also a breeze to dispense and break down easily in blenders and crushers. We stock machines from premium brands like Manitowoc and Blue Air that can produce ice cubes on a regular 24-hour cycle. Production can range anywhere from 400-900 lbs. per 24-hour period depending on the machine. Our selection contains water-cooled systems, which run silently and have excellent standards of hygiene in the production of ice. These machines allow you to adjust the volume of ice needed according to your usage needs, cutting down on water consumption, electric usage as well as wastage of product. We also stock a range of accessories for these machines to make full use of their potential. Chef Buyer has some excellent offerings if you’re in the market for a regular-sized ice cube maker!

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