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Give your Ice Maker a New Lease of Life - Get a Replacement Filters

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Scotsman SC10-A Prefilter
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Scotsman SC20-A Prefilter
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Water that makes its way to you via the supply and to your ice machine can be laden with several unwanted minerals, impurities, and sediments. Left unfiltered, these components in water can cause the build-up of layers of deposits on the internal tubes of your ice maker. This can cause reduced efficiency and lifespan of the ice machine. They also hamper the quality of the ice you’re serving. Minerals and deposits can cause an alteration in taste and can destroy the delicate blend you incorporate into several drinks and dishes. Ice machine filters can be connected to your existing ice maker to help deal with the impurities commonly found in the water supply. Several ice machine filters based on different mechanisms of action and requirements are available at Chef Buyer. Be it activated carbon or reverse-osmosis filters, we’ve got you covered. An easy and quick way to service your high-volume business is by contacting Chef Buyer support and enlisting advice from our experts. We’ve got the best products and seasoned veterans from the food industry to help you figure out solutions that suit your establishment. Chef Buyer sources all of its products directly from the respective manufacturers and guarantees quality, service, and warranty on every purchase made with us.

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