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Rice Cookers - Quick and Easy Rice Every Time

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Admiral Craft RC-E25 Rice Cooker


Panasonic SR-42HZP Commercial Rice Cooker
$212.50 /each
Retail $212.50
Your price $166.79
Admiral Craft RC-E30 Rice Cooker


Panasonic SR-GA541H Commercial Rice / Grain Cooker
$245.00 /each
Retail $245.00
Your price $192.30
Globe RC1 Chefmate™ Rice Cooker
$206.00 /each
Retail $206.00
Your price $206.00
Panasonic SR-GA721L 13 lb 40 Cup 2.2 kW Commercial Rice Cooker
$285.00 /each
Retail $285.00
Your price $223.69
Panasonic SR-GA541FH Commercial Rice / Grain Cooker
$317.50 /each
Retail $317.50
Your price $249.20
Admiral Craft RC-E50 Rice Cooker


Panasonic SR-2363ZW Commercial Rice Cooker/Warmer
$342.50 /each
Retail $342.50
Your price $268.82
Admiral Craft RC-0030 Rice Cooker


If you own a Japanese, Asian, or fusion restaurant, a rice cooker is one of the most useful appliances you can purchase to speed up kitchen work. Commercial rice cookers are capable of making perfectly cooked rice every time without the need for constant monitoring. Rice cookers can be used to create different types of rice suitable for sushi, accompaniments to main courses and as ingredients in entrees. These appliances are easy to use and clean and can prepare large quantities of rice to appease a high-turnover restaurant clientele. They are built to last, cook rice and hold it warm for extended periods of time. Rice cookers keep your preparations ready to serve without losing the moist, delicate flavor of quality rice. Capable of making long and short grain rice with or without a sticky composition, rice cookers are an essential appliance in most Asian-style restaurants. We are dedicated to providing you with a convenient, quick and easy way to service your high-volume business at competitive pricing and the highest levels of customer service for a hassle-free purchase experience. If you have any questions regarding which model would serve your operation best, feel free to get in touch with us and our dedicated team of industry veterans will guide you through the process of making an informed purchase decision.

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