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NEMCO Food Equipment 55925 ShrimpPro® 2000 Power Shrimp Cutter & Deveiner™
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Call us for pricing at
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Shrimp and prawns are versatile foods known for their hors d'oeuvres varieties, main course dishes like scampi, and sandwiches like fried shrimp po-boys. Cutting and deveining shrimp by hand can be time and labor-intensive, especially when your restaurant deals with seafood on a daily basis. Whether you own a specialty seafood restaurant, or shrimp is one of the more popular items on your menu, your restaurant can greatly benefit from a shrimp cutter and deveiner. These appliances specialize in taking whole shrimp, removing the shell, and cleaning their insides. Since shrimp is a bite-sized food, preparing fresh shrimp for cooking may involve hours of prep work without a deveiner. These appliances take the manual labor out of prep work and are able to process thousands of shrimp per hour. The main function of shrimp cutters and deveiners is to cut and devein shrimp, although you can also get models that can butterfly (or split) them.  Chef Buyer has a well-rounded catalog of shrimp cutters and deveiners from reputable industry-leading brands like Nemco. Apart from the appliances themselves, we also offer a range of accessories like feeder trays, cutting blades, and cutting guard covers. We offer a convenient, quick, and easy way to service your high-volume business. Our team of dedicated industry professionals is always available to answer your questions regarding your requirements for seafood preparation. Kindly reach out to us with your questions and we would be happy to help you make an informed purchase decision.

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