LaCrosse Cooler Side Splashes

Useful additions for the Kitchen Sink Hardware

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Commercial kitchens are more predisposed to messes than their residential counterparts. Be it food waste, unwashed dishes, or dirty walls, your staff (and equipment) always need to be on the lookout for the next mess. While fully-stocked cleaning supplies are excellent solutions, furniture and appliances that assure cleanliness are excellent preventive measures. Side splash units are great additions to your kitchen sink hardware to prevent backsplash from soaking your walls and appliances. These metal guards surround your sink to keep your kitchen area and countertop dry. If your establishment experiences dish loads that quickly become towering on a busy day at the kitchen, side splashes and side splash guard kits are a boon to your cleaning staff and dishwashers alike. While some kitchen sinks come equipped with welded side splashes, most side splash guard kits are sold separately for customizability and wider protection. These units are usually made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel and can be wall-mounted, bolted, glued, or welded as required. Some side splashes are also manually removable without additional parts, useful in particular for special occasions when you expect greater footfall at your establishment. Designed according to whether they are placed on the left or right side of your sink, these handy guards are especially useful in avoiding violations, since sinks located within 18” of food, utensil washing areas, and food contact surfaces must include splash protection. With easy installation features, corrosion-resistant durability, and excellent backsplash protection, make sure to purchase the best side splash kits and guards for your establishment.

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