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Glastender 03002552 Sink Cover
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Space availability in a commercial kitchen is of prime importance. While larger establishments usually have suitably sized kitchen countertops and workspaces, snugger establishments benefit the most from greater space economy. Sink covers are a fitting solution to your kitchen countertop’s space limitations. These covers are designed to perfectly fit the top of your sink, effectively covering its depression to extend your countertop. While some sink covers are merely an addition to your countertop, sink covers made of poly material can also double up as cutting boards. These cutting-board covers are ideal for lighter and simpler cutting tasks, such as chopping garnish, smaller vegetables and fruits, and herbs. Sink covers are also useful for placing tools, supplies, and raw materials when the sink is not in use. They simply slide on top of your sink, and their poly material or stainless-steel construction ensures high durability and corrosion resistance. Most sink covers come with drilled holes, meaning that they snugly accommodate the faucet before sitting over your sink. Make sure to look into the sink cover’s dimensions before making your purchase to ensure a seamless fit. Whether you’re looking to add more countertop space to make your staff’s lives easier, a makeshift cutting board, or you simply wish to cover your kitchen sink, browse our range of sink options and diversity of brands to choose the perfect sink cover for your establishment.

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