Drop In Ice Bins With Cold Plate

Quick and Easy Way to Service your High-Volume Business

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Eagle Group DIC1626 Spec-Bar® Drop-In Ice Chest


Eagle Group DIC2616 Spec-Bar® Drop-In Ice Chest


Advance Tabco D-30-IBL-7 Ice Bin


Advance Tabco D-24-IBL-7 Ice Bin


Advance Tabco D-36-IBL-7 Ice Bin


Drop-in ice bins are crucial for the success of your restaurant. Capable of storing copious quantities of ice, these ice bins (also called ice caddies or ice chests) do the all-important task of making sure your customer’s drinks are perfectly cool. Much like the way your restaurant’s ambiance is controlled by the furnishing and furniture, the quality of your drinks is controlled by the superiority of your equipment. A drop-in ice bin with cold plates helps you create the perfectly chilled cocktail, or even fix the ideal “on the rocks” drinks. Drop-in ice bins with cold plates are available in a wide range of sizes and capacities. They are typically found in the underbar portion, but can also be mounted directly in the bar. Popular across kiosks, bars, concession stands, and even for domestic use, what makes drop-in ice bins so special is they can run without the use of electricity. The cold plate inside your drop-in ice bin ensures that there is a continuous cooling maintenance system. Some important features of your drop-in ice bin with cold plates that make them an indispensable addition to your workplace are: Stainless steel cover and body: Drop-in ice bins contain a stainless steel cover that helps prevent the colder air from coming out of the bin. The stainless steel body also makes it heavy-duty equipment, resistant to wear and tear and rusting. Deep-cavity ice bins: Smaller size ice bins can hold up to 200 pounds of ice at a time, while larger size ice bins can hold up to 1200 pounds. Depending on your restaurant’s footfall, you can choose the right-sized ice bin for your operation. Foam insulation: Foam insulation is added throughout the ice bin to ensure that it remains at a steady temperature. A drain is also provided in the ice bin to make sure that melted ice is drained away, and only the fresh ice cubes remain. Drop-in ice bins with cold plates provide you a quick and easy way to service your high-volume business. Invest in a drop-in ice bin to delight your customers with refreshingly cool drinks today.

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