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Small Bar? No Problem: High-end Underbar Modular Add-ons for Your Restaurant

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When you’re trying to make the most of your available bar space, every inch can count and make a major difference to your mixologist’s convenience. Easy functioning is ideal when it comes to a bar and underbar modular add-ons can help you make the best of even cozy spaces so you can maximize productivity. Whether it’s a snug disposal unit or a sink for ease of washing, modular units can be customized to fit into a range of spaces. You could also place a drainboard so your bartenders can dry your glassware right under the counter without having to waste too much time moving around the bar. Small spaces can be used to extend the main working table, giving your mixologists more area to work with. Modular add-ons come in handy when you’re looking to add more functionality to your bar without shaking up too much of the existing layout in your spirits operation. Chef Buyer is a veteran in commercial kitchen solutions, especially for restaurant owners who are looking for quick and easy ways to service their high-volume business. Contact Chef Buyer and ensure you provide your customers with quality drinks, made from quality equipment.

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