Underbar Parts & Accessories

Handy, Smooth, and Effective: Commercial Underbar Parts & Accessories for your Establishment

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Advance Tabco SU-45A Adapter bar


Advance Tabco SU-45B Adapter bar


Advance Tabco TA-93 Wall Clips


Advance Tabco SU-55 Dividers


Advance Tabco SU-17 Interior partition


Advance Tabco SU-BDL-CW LED Light


Advance Tabco TA-37 Enclosed Base


Advance Tabco SU-80 Continuous Bumper


APW Wyott 21807560 Bar Divider
$22.00 /each
Retail $22.00
Your price $19.44
APW Wyott 21807565 Bar Divider
$51.00 /each
Retail $51.00
Your price $45.68
Advance Tabco SU-27 Locking Handle


Advance Tabco TA-43 Filler panel


Bars see a lot of footfall and action consistently and need to be kept well-stocked, organized, and efficient to ensure quick service. The underbar is of special significance since it's the part where a lot of the drinks, ice, and condiments are stocked. Underbar accessories can come in handy when your staff is faced with large crowds lining up at the bar. Whether it's bottle racks and holders to keep the liquor organized, or ice bins and sliding covers to keep ice clean, it's important to have high-grade underbar accessories to ensure quality service and seamless workflow at the bar. You can also attach cocktail units & accessories, drainboards, underbar sinks, and glass holders to improve the convenience of your bar staff while handling large orders. Underbars also constitute important prep areas for your mixologists to line up and set aside the condiments they need for business hours. When you're looking for quick and easy ways to service your high-volume business, small items like underbar parts & accessories can seem insignificant, but in fact, have a large impact on the output. Ensure you get your bar to earn accolades for its services only with the best underbar parts & accessories.

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