Advance Tabco Undermount Sinks

Saving Space: High-quality Undermount Sinks for your Restaurant

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Advance Tabco 1014B-05 Sink


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Advance Tabco 1620A-10 Sink


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Advance Tabco 2020A-14A Sink


Advance Tabco 2028A-12 Sink


Advance Tabco 2028A-14A Sink


Advance Tabco 2424A-14A Sink


When you're running a busy commercial foodservice operation, your ware washing space can get quite cramped and crowded. In such situations, every bit of space matters, however, the integrity of your ware washing area should not be compromised by substandard sinks. To help you solve this problem, there exist specialized options that can help you avoid a compromise. Undermount sinks can be installed beneath the countertop area so that you can prevent the sink from taking up too much space. These sinks come with high-power clips and adhesives that can hold the sink in place so that you can rest assured about the integrity and strength of the unit. Undermount sinks are just as durable and efficient as regular drop-in or standalone sinks and come with the added benefit of being ergonomic. You can also install sound dampeners underneath these sinks to cut out the din at the ware washing space. Undermount sinks are made of high-grade corrosion-resistant stainless steel that keeps rust away no matter how moist things get. When you need quick and easy ways to service your high-volume business, make sure you have undermount sinks by your side to keep the ware washing space spic and span.

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