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“Trust me, it’s airtight!”: Premium Vacuum Packaging Machines for your Restaurant

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Globe GVP6 Food Packaging Machine
Retail $3,881.00
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Globe GVP20 Food Packaging Machine
Retail $4,730.00
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Globe GVP20A Food Packaging Machine
Retail $5,943.00
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Too much food goes waste thanks to improper packaging and storing methods. Most restaurants have a surplus of produce, meats, and dairy to avoid emergency purchases during crowded house days. Vacuum packaging machines help you improve the shelf life of your perishable products by sealing them in airtight packets. Without air within, the bacteria and fungi have no ways to grow on these materials. This extends the usability of these products by nearly five times. These units are ideal for both small and industrial operations that require packaging each day. Vacuum packaging machines can also help you prepare products in presentable ways so you can merchandise your food. Available in both standalone and countertop sizes, these machines are a godsend when you’re looking to make better use of your perishable section. While the countertop units suffice for small and medium-sized operations, standalone vacuum packagers can sort out the operations in an industrial food business. Chef Buyer understands that busy restaurateurs like you are always looking for quick and easy ways to service their high-volume business. Our product catalogs are all lined by the best brands that have gained repute in the commercial kitchen business over the years. Expand the scope of your operation, call Chef Buyer today.

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