Best-in-class Induction Cooking Solutions! Purchase High-Quality Induction Warming Equipment From CookTek Foodservice Equipment

CookTek Cooking Equipment

CookTek Cooking Equipment

CookTek offers various types of induction cooking ranges, soup kettles, wok ranges, planches, food pan warmers, and thermal delivery heaters for commercial foodservice establishments. CookTek foodservice equipment is ideal for restaurants, cafes, bistros, diners, fast food joints, food trucks, and kiosks. You can effortlessly service your patrons with CookTek foodservice equipment.

CookTek foodservice equipment comes equipped with easy-to-clean surfaces and is energy-efficient. With CookTek equipment, you can save thousands of dollars yearly in energy bills. CookTek induction food pan warmers are perfect for keeping food warm for a prolonged period. With CookTek induction soup kettles, you can store and serve hot soup throughout the day. CookTek ranges and wok ranges are ideal for cooking various types of food, including Asian and fusion cuisine. The induction planchas and thermal delivery heaters are perfect for high-volume cooking needs. With CookTek induction warming equipment, you can service your high-volume kitchen quickly and easily. CookTek is one of the industry-leading manufacturers of induction warming equipment. They are also one of the best manufacturers of heated delivery systems. CookTek is a subsidiary of TurboChef, a leading manufacturer of cooking equipment. Their expertise lies in making the most innovative induction cooking equipment for commercial foodservice establishments. CookTek offers highly versatile and efficient cooking equipment.

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