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A Breath of Fresh Air: Top-tier Ventilation Hoods for your Commercial Kitchen

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Commercial kitchens can create an atmosphere that's heavy and tough to breathe in because of greasy fumes, pungent aromas, and moisture-laden air. You wouldn't want your staff coughing away while they're going about their day at the kitchen, nor would you want patrons to be repelled by strong fumes and scents from the kitchen making their way into the dining area. A ventilation hood can help stymie those coughs and turn those grimaces into smiles by cleaning the air of grease, scents, and moisture while your chefs create masterpieces for your guests. These ventilation systems can be placed over other cooking equipment for increased efficiency. While type 1 ventilation hoods are placed over fryers and ranges to trap greasy fumes, type 2 hoods are equipped on top of tools that create moisture and steam to stop your kitchen from becoming a sauna. Commercial ventilation hoods then purify the greasy & moist air with highly efficient filters before releasing it outside to prevent contributing to an already polluted environment, making sure at least you're doing your bit. Chef Buyer has a large variety of ventilation hoods sourced from the best brands on the market so you can always guarantee a breath of fresh air in the kitchen. Our experts assure you of help must you have any questions, also directing you toward the best commercial kitchen products we have available. Make your restaurant kitchen's AQI comparable with the Amazon, invest in a ventilation hood today.

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