Walk-in Combination Boxes with Remote Refrigeration Systems

Store perishables with our Walk-in Combination Boxes with Remote Refrigeration Systems

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In most restaurants, ingredients are stored and assembled when ordered. In the case of big establishments that need food to stay fresh for days, coolers and freezers are a must for making high-quality food for customers. While they may be an expensive investment, they are necessary for any high-volume food business. Walk-in combination boxes combine the functionality of coolers and freezers to bring efficiency and easy refrigeration to your establishment. Remote refrigeration units help isolate the noise of condensing units to a location of your choice, ensuring your kitchen is free from the constant buzzing of these otherwise bulky appliances. Whether you are an owner of a small franchise or a part of a big restaurant chain, Chef Buyer has every kind of walk-in combination box to suit your needs. You can always customize the walk-in box as per your needs, with everything from the size of the door to its hinges. With vapor-proof LED features like anti-glare technology, thermostat, manual defrost and alarm sensors, our line of walk-in combination boxes are well-equipped to serve you during your busiest hours. Mostly made with aluminum, the floor of these boxes can be easily cleaned and maintained by your staff. As per the kind of electrical system in your establishment, you can choose a walk-in freezer that can limit electrical usage. Thanks to our wide range of walk-in combination boxes, you can purchase just the kind of box within your budget.

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