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Advance Tabco FSS-W-242 Table


Advance Tabco FSS-W-302 Table


Advance Tabco FSS-W-240 Table


Advance Tabco FSS-W-243 Table


Advance Tabco FSS-W-300 Table


Advance Tabco FSS-W-303 Table


Advance Tabco FSS-W-244 Table


Advance Tabco FSS-W-304 Table


Advance Tabco FSS-W-245 Table


Advance Tabco FSS-W-246 Table


Advance Tabco FSS-W-305 Table


Advance Tabco FSS-W-306 Table


Advance Tabco FSS-W-247 Table


Advance Tabco FSS-W-307 Table


Advance Tabco FSS-W-248 Table


Advance Tabco FSS-W-308 Table


While stainless steel worktables can be perfect for your establishment, they may take up too much space. In such situations, Chef Buyer’s line of wall-mount tables comes to your rescue with quick and easy ways to service your high-volume business. With its ability to fit in compact spaces, this table is an ideal fit where you need a worktable that takes less space compared to its counterparts. If you want something that is functional while looking stylish, you can opt for the table with rolled rim and backsplash. These tables are also durable as they are made from stainless steel. You can even opt for wall-mount tables made of glass as they look beautiful in cafes and bars. From preparing meals during the busiest hours to allow many people to cook together in your commercial kitchen, these tables can be of great help. However, these tables may also come in their way while moving around in the kitchen. As they protrude from the wall, anyone can accidentally hurt themselves. To avoid such a mishap, you can always opt for rolled rim edges for the table. Make sure to browse through our range of wall-mount tables to find the perfect solution for your foodservice establishment.

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