Hatco Warming Shelves

Flat Out Heat: High-grade Warming Shelves for your Commercial Kitchen

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Hatco HGSM-1P Heated Shelf Warmer - 120 Volts

When you have a large number of customers coming in throughout the day, your staff needs to be prepared for it beforehand. Food that you prepare to tackle a crowded front house can be kept hot, safe and hygienic until it reaches your customer with a warming shelf. These devices allow you to heat your food over a flat surface and allow you the convenience of even placing pots, pans, or containers these foods are in to heat them effortlessly. The base has a thermostat that can help you with effective temperature control. Warming shelves are usually built with construction of either aluminum or steel, making the build sturdy and corrosion-resistant. Modern warming shelves also come with ceramic and glass bases that help with smooth heat distribution. Special models of warming shelves also help you merchandise food as in the case of buffet tables. They're available in a range of sizes varying from compact shelves to large ones depending on the volume your kitchen serves. Warming shelves can be a great addition to your existing food holding equipment, greatly aiding with quick and easy ways to service your high-volume business. Chef Buyer has a broad spectrum of options in its warming shelves range. Our commercial kitchen experts are always available to help you out with any questions you may have concerning warming shelves and other food holding equipment you might be looking to purchase. If efficiency is a priority, Chef Buyer is your best bet.

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