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Dry Storage Experts: High-grade Wire Shelves and Posts for your Restaurant

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Eagle Group SP74-ES Post


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Eagle Group SP86-ES Post


Eagle Group SP86-CS Post


Eagle Group SP74-SS Post


Eagle Group SP86-SS Post


When you're looking for options to store dry material and pre-packaged ingredients, a wire shelf is ideal as it keeps the material safe and away from contact with moisture. Wire shelves are often mounted with posts that can help you make a standard and standalone shelving unit so you have a lot of storage space to stock up on dry items for your kitchen. Wire shelves are made of stainless steel and the wires that form the basis of each shelf are made of highly tensile steel cables wound together to provide high durability. Due to the stainless components, the wire shelves are resilient to corrosion and rust. The posts too are built of high-grade stainless steel as they form the backbone of the shelf and ensure the unit remains stable no matter the weight. These can be assembled easily by going through the instructions, or you can have these shelves outfitted by calling a specialist from the company. You can purchase wire shelves and posts separately or in a kit. While the former allows for greater customization, the latter is preferred for ease of procurement and assembly. When you're looking for quick and easy ways to service your high-volume business, ensure you invest in quality products like wire shelves and posts. Select the best options to ensure your stock remains safe and organized.

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