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Eagle Group MS-C Mouse Shelf


Metro DD14-DSG Super Erecta® Shelf Divider
$17.60 /each
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Metro DD18-DSG Super Erecta® Shelf Divider
$19.80 /each
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Shelvings are crucial to create storage space and maintain the flow of items in your kitchen. An important thing to consider while purchasing wire shelving is their material. Primarily, shelvings are made of: Chrome wire coated shelvings: Chrome wire shelvings are useful in dry environments with higher temperatures. They’re prone to rust in humid environments. The advantage with chrome wire coated shelvings is that they are easily visible and have good ventilation flow. Epoxy coated shelvings: Epoxy coating over shelvings (in black or green colors) makes them more resistant to rust in humid environments. You can add epoxy coating to your chrome wire coated shelvings in case you need to use the chrome wires in a humid environment. Polymer shelvings: In polymer shelvings, thick metal is coated with a layer of polymer to create an ultra-durable, long-lasting, and corrosion-resistant shelving system. You can also add a layer of antimicrobial agent coating to keep it microbe-resistant. Stainless steel shelvings: Steel is known for its strength, durability, and capacity to sustain heavy use. Stainless steel shelvings are however not as popular as the chrome wire + epoxy coated shelvings because they are a lot more expensive. Some other factors to consider while purchasing wire shelvings are the use of hooks to add on to your shelves. Adding an S-shaped hook to your wire shelving can help you add heavier, more space occupying equipment such as iron skillets. The key benefit of wire shelvings is also the amount of weight it can easily bear. You don’t have to worry about your wire shelving collapsing under heavy weights, which is likely the case with other shelvings. Wire shelvings provide you a quick and easy way to service your high volume business.

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