Advance Tabco Cabinet Base Hinged Doors Work Tables

Safe Storage, Seamless Workspace: High-end Cabinet Base Hinged Door Work Tables for your Restaurant

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Advance Tabco H2S-246 Work Table


Best suited for both prep and storage areas, cabinet base hinged door work tables bring together storage and prep-table convenience in a single unit. You can place them in several locations spread across the kitchen, giving you extra space to work and store materials, equipment, accessories, and spares. This can help you mitigate the problem of storage and help you use every inch of space in the kitchen, making do more without expensive modifications to the kitchen decor and fixed units. They're often built from stainless steel, which results in a clean surface to work with. The cabinets below are enclosed and have hinged doors which can be locked away to improve safety and security. This also keeps your goods away from dust and grime, maintaining sanitary conditions throughout the kitchen. The prep table above offers a large area for your staff to cut, chop, slice, dice, knead dough, and even place equipment like food processors on top. Cabinet base hinged door work tables give you a cost-effective option to outfit your kitchen when you're looking for quick and easy ways to service your high-volume business. Select from the best varieties to build yourself an efficient kitchen.

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