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Advance Tabco TSLAG-302-X Work Table


John Boos ST6R1.5-3030GBK Work Table


John Boos ST6-2424GBK Work Table


John Boos ST6R1.5-2424GBK Work Table


John Boos ST6R1.5-2430GBK Work Table


John Boos ST6-2430GBK Work Table


John Boos ST4-2424GBK Work Table


John Boos ST6-3024GBK Work Table


John Boos ST6R1.5-3024GBK Work Table


John Boos ST4-2430GBK Work Table


John Boos ST6-3030GBK Work Table


John Boos ST4-3024GBK Work Table


John Boos ST4R1.5-3024GBK Work Table


John Boos ST4-3030GBK Work Table


John Boos ST4R1.5-3030GBK Work Table


Open base work tables are perfect for cafes, diners, restaurants, kiosks, and concession stands. With these work tables, you can increase your efficiency by providing additional workspace for making, mixing, and prepping dishes. Most open base work tables are made from stainless steel or other durable materials. Stainless steel tables are sturdy and can withstand heavy usage. Open base work tables provide a quick and easy to prepare various types of dishes. These units can be cleaned easily, as they come without any storage cabinets. These work tables are highly efficient; you can keep frequently used appliances like mixers, blenders, and other essential equipment on these work tables. These units come in various sizes; you can purchase an open base work table depending upon your needs. Opt for a large work table for restaurants and cafes. For smaller establishments and kiosks, purchase a small work table. Most open base work tables are ideal for preparing pizzas, burgers, salads, and other dishes. Some work tables come with adjustable feet; you can adjust the height of the table according to your convenience. Additionally, open base work tables come with backsplashes that can prevent spillage. You can save your kitchen walls from damage by upgrading your work table with backsplashes.

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