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John Boos GMT001 Breaking Table


John Boos M001 Cutting Table


John Boos M008 Cutting Table


John Boos TC043 Trimming Table


John Boos GMT002 Breaking Table


John Boos TC050 Trimming Table


John Boos M015 Cutting Table


John Boos M002 Cutting Table


John Boos GMT003 Breaking Table


John Boos GMT008 Breaking Table


John Boos TC044 Trimming Table


John Boos M022 Cutting Table


John Boos TC001 Trimming Table


John Boos TC057 Trimming Table


John Boos M029 Cutting Table


Advance Tabco TSPT-244 Work Table


Advance Tabco TSPS-244 Work Table


John Boos M009 Cutting Table


John Boos GMT009 Breaking Table


John Boos TC051 Trimming Table


John Boos TC008 Trimming Table


John Boos TC092 Trimming Table


John Boos M003 Cutting Table


John Boos GMT004 Breaking Table


John Boos M036 Cutting Table


Advance Tabco SPT-244 Work Table


Advance Tabco TSPS-304 Work Table


John Boos TC098 Trimming Table


Advance Tabco TSPT-304 Work Table


Advance Tabco TSPT-245 Work Table


John Boos TC045 Trimming Table


Advance Tabco TSPS-245 Work Table


John Boos TC015 Trimming Table


John Boos TC002 Trimming Table


John Boos GMT014 Breaking Table


John Boos M004 Cutting Table


John Boos M016 Cutting Table


John Boos M023 Cutting Table


John Boos GMT010 Breaking Table


John Boos M010 Cutting Table


Poly-top work tables are ideal for bakeries, cafes, restaurants, schools, hospitals, and other institutions. These units are highly effective for large commercial kitchens. With poly-top work tables, you can prepare dough for pizzas, cut vegetables, and prep various types of dishes. These sturdy units are perfect for cutting, dicing, and slicing activities. Poly-top work tables offer a quick and easy way to prepare dishes. Some poly-top models come equipped with backsplashes. These backsplashes can prevent spillage and can save your kitchen walls from damage. These units are highly economical; you can get affordable prep space for your kitchen with these poly-top work tables. They are highly versatile; you can place frequently used equipment and utensils on these work tables. You can place beverage dispensers, mixers or blenders, dicers, and other essential equipment. Most poly-top work tables offer large or wide workspaces to prepare a variety of dishes. Poly-top work tables are made from stainless steel and other durable materials. Stainless steel units are highly durable and non-corrosive. These tables also offer a hassle-free cleaning process; you can clean these units with water or wet cloth. Poly-top work tables also offer empty storage below the units where you can store ingredient bins and other essential items depending upon your needs.

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