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John Boos OC3625 Oak Table


John Boos OC4825 Oak Table


John Boos OC4830 Oak Table


John Boos OC6025 Oak Table


John Boos OC3625-S Oak Table


John Boos OC4836 Oak Table


John Boos HNS01 Work Table


Eagle Group MT2448GT Work Table


John Boos OC6030 Oak Table


John Boos OC3625-2S Oak Table


John Boos JNS15 Work Table


John Boos JNS02 Work Table


John Boos JNB02 Work Table


John Boos HNB07 Work Table


John Boos HNS08 Work Table


Eagle Group MT2460GT Work Table


John Boos JNS1860 Work Table  wood top


John Boos OC4830-S Oak Table


John Boos OC4825-2S Oak Table


John Boos OC6036 Oak Table


Eagle Group MT3048GT Work Table


Eagle Group MT2448B Work Table


Advance Tabco TH2G-244 Work Table


John Boos JNS09 Work Table


John Boos HNS02 Work Table


Advance Tabco H2G-243 Work Table


Eagle Group MT2472GT Work Table


John Boos HNS15 Work Table


Eagle Group MT3048B Work Table


Advance Tabco TH2G-245 Work Table


Eagle Group MT3060GT Work Table


Eagle Group MT2460B Work Table


Advance Tabco TH2G-304 Work Table


John Boos JNS16 Work Table


John Boos JNB09 Work Table


Advance Tabco H2G-244 Work Table


Wood-top work tables are ideal for bakeries, diners, cafes, gourmet restaurants, and institutions. These models come with a superior quality wood top that is perfect for a multitude of tasks. With these highly efficient work tables, you can knead dough for pizzas, cut cookies, and prepare desserts. You can also use wood-top work tables as a cutting board. With these units, you can prepare vegetables for soups or salads. Most wood-top work tables come with an aesthetically pleasing rustic look that can blend in with your kitchen decor. These commercial work tables are perfect for any setting. You can purchase wood-top work tables in various sizes and opt for a work table that suits your business needs. Large wood-top work tables are perfect for bakeries and pizza places. For small cafes and restaurants, you can opt for a smaller-sized work table. Wood-top work tables provide quick and easy to knead dough and prep ingredients. These worktables come with metal frames, which are durable and can last a lifetime. Additionally,  you can keep essential equipment, ingredients, utensils, and other necessary items on these worktables. You can also use the available space beneath these tables to store ingredient bins.  Some wood-top work tables come with backsplashes to prevent your kitchen walls from getting damaged.

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