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Commercial Electric Fryers are Ideal for any Food Business

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Wells LLF-14 Electric 14 lb. 2 Half-Basket Countertop Fryer
$1,582.35 /each
Retail $1,582.35
Your price $1,238.53
Wells F-15 Fryer
$2,064.15 /each
Retail $2,064.15
Your price $1,615.64
Wells F-556 Fryer
$2,614.70 /each
Retail $2,614.70
Your price $2,046.56
Wells F-30 Fryer
$3,606.90 /each
Retail $3,606.90
Your price $2,823.17
Wells F-1725 Fryer
$5,989.50 /each
Retail $5,989.50
Your price $4,688.06

Commercial electric fryers are ideal for quick-service restaurants, food trucks, hotel kitchens, and other fast-food joints. Commercial electric fryers are perfect for cooking French fries, chicken wings, fried onion rings, and other starters or appetizers. Most commercial electric fryers come with fry baskets, and you will need to place the raw food product in the basket and dip it in the electric fryer for quick and convenient cooking. For high-volume usage, you should go for a heavy-duty commercial electric fryer. For low to medium volume use, you can opt for a light or medium-duty electric fryer. If you want to cook multiple foods at the same time, opt for a commercial electric fryer with multiple fry pots. With multiple fry pots, you can independently alter the temperature for each fry pot. There are a variety of commercial electric fryers you can choose from; you can buy an electric floor fryer or an electric countertop fryer according to your business requirements. Chef Buyer helps you find the perfect commercial electric fryers that can provide a quick and easy way to service your high-volume business. Don’t forget to browse through our catalog of commercial electric fryers and feel free to reach out if you need help with your buying needs.

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