Fryer Baskets

Crispy for Days: Commercial Fryer Baskets for your Restaurant

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Admiral Craft MC-7 Malt Cup


Admiral Craft CB-8M Culinary Basket


Admiral Craft CB-8C Culinary Basket


Admiral Craft CB-8F Culinary Basket


Admiral Craft BFW-850 Fryer Basket


Admiral Craft BFW-950 Fryer Basket


Admiral Craft BFSM-850 Fryer Basket


Admiral Craft BFSM-950 Fryer Basket


Admiral Craft BFW-1125 Fryer Basket


Admiral Craft BFSM-1125 Fryer Basket


Admiral Craft FBR-11571 Fry Basket


Admiral Craft MEL-CB74T Bouillon


Admiral Craft MEL-CB74W Bouillon


Admiral Craft FBR-16315 Fry Basket


Admiral Craft FBR-12651 Fry Basket


Admiral Craft FBR-13558 Fry Basket


Admiral Craft FBR-13612 Fry Basket


AMPTO RCES-010 Replacement Fry Basket
$57.00 /each
Retail $57.00
Your price $18.52
Admiral Craft MEL-SA56W Saucer


Admiral Craft MEL-SA56G Saucer


Admiral Craft MEL-SA56T Saucer


Admiral Craft MEL-CO75W Ovide Cup


Admiral Craft MEL-CO75T Ovide Cup


Admiral Craft MEL-CS76W Cup


Admiral Craft MEL-CS76Y Cup


Admiral Craft MEL-CS76G Cup


Admiral Craft FBR-16834 Fry Basket


Admiral Craft FBR-13912 Fry Basket


MVP Group LLC 109-0192 Fryer Basket
$80.00 /each
Retail $80.00
Your price $40.36
Electrolux Professional 927226 (9AC48) Basket
$73.80 /each
Retail $73.80
Your price $73.80
Eagle Group 307546 Replacement Basket


Eagle Group 307543 Replacement Basket


Pitco P6072147 Basket  (1) oblong/triple size
$109.50 /each
Retail $109.50
Your price $94.97

It doesn’t matter whether your establishment is the small fry or the large fry in the neighborhood, however, good fries matter. The only way to ensure you serve good fries is with contraptions called fryer baskets. These accessories will dive into hot oil just so you can provide your customers with fries that are worth every penny. Easy to hang over the railing overlooking the fry pot, and easy to shake off the excess oil, fryer baskets keep the fat clean and the fries lean. With options available in both circular and rectangular shapes, these baskets are ideal for the commercial kitchen, optimizing the frying process be it for fries, onion rings, or nuggets. Built to withstand high temperatures and to maintain corrosion resistance, these units are built out of stainless steel. Fryer baskets are available in three size variations, allowing you to cook batch-wise orders. While the smaller batches are for younger patrons or the calorie counters, the ones on the larger end are evidently for those who like a bigger dose of these crispy delights. Chef Buyer has a large selection of brilliant steel meshwork worked into fryer accessories so you can have a steady supply of golden brown goodness. Fries are customer favorites, and bad fries translate to bad business. When you’re looking for quick and easy ways to service your high-volume business, make sure you stock up your fryer section with high-quality accessories like fryer baskets. Let’s add some crunch to your commercial kitchen, get in touch with Chef Buyer today.

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