AMPTO Countertop Griddles

Limited Space? No Problem: Superior Countertop Griddles to Choose From

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AMPTO GR5E Griddle, Electric, Countertop
$467.00 /each
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AMPTO GR3E Griddle, Electric, Countertop
$869.00 /each
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AMPTO GR1E Griddle, Electric, Countertop
$1,159.00 /each
Retail $1,159.00
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Countertop griddles are specifically designed to turn a small space into a complete cooking operation. They do just about everything a standalone griddle would, and then some. Though these griddles start from sizes ranging two feet in width to six feet on the upper limit, they’re more than able to toast, roast, braise, fry, and broil all the food you might serve to eager customers. These units are especially valuable to small cafes and quaint delis that see the most action during the mornings, thanks to the unmissable breakfast offerings. Countertop griddles are available in both gas and electric models so you can choose between whichever energy option suits you better. All models come with adaptive controls including thermostats. Eggs bacon, steak, burgers, toast, and pancakes can all be managed with ease on this versatile cooking unit. Their size is no hindrance to their ruggedness, and countertop griddles are just as tough as their standalone counterparts. When you have space problems and need quick and easy ways to service your high-volume business, countertop griddles from Chef Buyer are the best choice. We stock up on countertop griddles only from the best brands in the market that have seen years of experience in the commercial kitchen industry. You can enhance your cooking style by trusting high-quality equipment from Vulcan, Admiral Craft, Garland, Hatco, Lang, Globe, Nemco, Southbend, and Eagle. Chef Buyer makes the shopping experience simple with its user-friendly catalogs and erudite experts who guide you through every little detail to watch out for. If you appreciate excellence, it’s time you called Chef Buyer.

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