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A workhorse of the commercial kitchen space, commercial griddles are some of the most versatile machines available to you. These units are able to cut down cooking time, energy consumption and are able to help you make multiple deliveries in time even during peak hours. They allow you to make a variety of dishes, sometimes even simultaneously without tampering with taste or flavor. Commercial griddles are especially efficient when it comes to breakfast foods like eggs, bacon strips, toast, patties, pancakes, paninis, and sauteed vegetables. These units are also great for grilling/roasting burgers and sandwiches. Commercial griddles are available in countertop and clamshell floor models. While the former addresses all of your concerns within a limited space, if that’s a concern, the latter has a large platen that can be compartmentalized so that you have quick and easy ways to service your high-volume business. Griddle platens range from around two feet to six feet in width and have a burner unit under each foot of space. The plate is made of high-grade stainless steel ranging between half to one-inch thickness. Thicker plates ensure uniform heat distribution. Chef Buyer has been in the commercial kitchen business for long enough to understand the value of unique solutions meant just for your establishment. We showcase the best products from top brands in the market such as Vulcan, Garland, Eagle, AccuTemp, and Eagle. You get to choose from the largest collection of commercial kitchen appliances, spares, and accessories at Chef Buyer without fretting about financing. We offer flexible options and solutions that are sure to fit your budget. If you’re looking to get that sizzle on, it’s time to get in touch with Chef Buyer.

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