Scotsman Ice Bagging Systems

Ice Bagging Systems for Your Commercial Establishment

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Scotsman BGS10 Ice Bagger
$427.20 /each
Retail $427.20
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Scotsman ICS-CP Replacement poly cart
$2,205.20 /each
Retail $2,205.20
Your price $2,169.56

If you run an operation that uses a highly productive ice machine, you’re bound to be supplying ice to consumers in the locale. Have you been spending too much on bagging ice by outsourcing it to a third party? Bagging ice can incur many costs This money can be turned into a profit, provided you procure an ice bagging system. Ice baggers are extremely useful even if your establishment uses bagged ice. These machines are not limited to merely the hospitality industry. Ice bagging systems can be a blessing if you’re a caterer or are running an all-purpose store. It adds to your business an extra source of revenue, and you can make back the initial investment costs in no time.These systems can be paired with ice bins with ease. Ice baggers automate the process of packaging ice by directly pouring it into a bag through a chute attached to an ice bin in the machine. Chef Buyer can help you pick the best ice bagging system for your commercial establishment. We list the best in the market and can customize strategies to provide you a quick and easy way to service your high-volume business.

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