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Ice Bins/Chests - Clean Storage Solutions for Ice

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Advance Tabco D-12-IBL-X Ice Bin


Advance Tabco D-24-IBL-X Ice Bin


Advance Tabco D-12-IBL Ice Bin


Advance Tabco D-24-IBL Ice Bin


Follett ICS125L Cambro Insulated Polyethylene Cart  with slide-back lid
$809.97 /each
Retail $809.97
Your price $809.97
Advance Tabco D-30-IBL Ice Bin


Glastender DI-IB12 Ice Bin
$856.50 /each
Retail $856.50
Your price $856.00
Advance Tabco D-36-IBL Ice Bin


Glastender DI-IB18 Ice Bin
$958.00 /each
Retail $958.00
Your price $958.00
Glastender DI-IB24 Ice Bin
$1,103.00 /each
Retail $1,103.00
Your price $1,102.00
Glastender DI-IB30 Ice Bin
$1,219.00 /each
Retail $1,219.00
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Advance Tabco D-24-IBL-7-X Ice Bin


Advance Tabco D-30-IBL-7 Ice Bin


Advance Tabco D-24-IBL-7 Ice Bin


Advance Tabco D-36-IBL-7 Ice Bin


Glastender DI-IB24-CP10 Ice Bin
$2,079.00 /each
Retail $2,079.00
Your price $2,077.00
Glastender DI-IB30-CP10 Ice Bin
$2,199.50 /each
Retail $2,199.50
Your price $2,198.00

Running a foodservice operation requires multiple appliances to cater to your customers’ needs. It’s often easy to forget the need for clean ice and its importance in the catering sector. Ice bins serve as the perfect storage solution to keep your ice frozen and within reach for quick service. Ice bins and chests are perfect storage solutions for restaurants, bars, catering services, cafeterias, and a multitude of other foodservice operations. These chests are designed to keep your ice fresh and pristine and minimize heat transfer. Available in a wide variety of storage sizes and transport options, these bins are designed to facilitate moving large quantities of ice while taking up as little space as possible. You can choose from models that are suited for underbar operations, drop-in models, or cart-style chests that are easy to transport. You can also look for insulated variants for even better cold retention. Chef Buyer is committed to providing you with the best service and extremely attractive prices on commercial kitchen equipment. We aim to offer you an efficient, quick, and easy way to service your high-volume business. For a quick and trustworthy opinion, feel free to contact us and our dedicated team of experts will guide you in the right direction.

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