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Atosa USA, Inc. CYR400P Ice Bin
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Atosa USA, Inc. CYR700P Ice Bin
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If your establishment consumes several pounds of ice every day, you know the importance of ice storage and the necessity of keeping it sanitary. Producing ice with an efficient ice machine is one thing, however, there’s no use of a top-tier ice machine if you cannot store the ice. Ice makers can produce several hundred pounds of ice per day and their volumes per hour can be quite high. Linking your existing icemaker to an ice bin can streamline the process of ice consumption at your establishment. Ice bins come in a wide range of sizes and can start from a little under a couple of hundred pounds, while the larger variants can even hold over 1000 pounds of ice. These devices not only cater to the storage needs of your establishment, but they also keep your ice chilled, clean, sanitary, and safe for consumption. Available in various models like under-counter bins, portable cart bins, large modular bins, Chef Buyer covers the full length and breadth of ice solutions. Creating an efficient ice supply chain has never been easier. Our catalogs offer the best brands like Scotsman, Hoshizaki, and Manitowoc to help keep your establishment functioning at its best capacity. Chef Buyer intends on helping your restaurant be at its A-game by providing quick and easy ways to service your high-volume business. Trust quality, trust Chef Buyer.

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