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Electrolux Professional 587040 (PBOT10GCWF) Touchline Tilting Kettle
$40,868.85 /each
Retail $40,868.85
Your price $38,388.08
Electrolux Professional 587041 (PBOT15GDWF) Touchline Tilting Kettle
$42,974.80 /each
Retail $42,974.80
Your price $40,366.56
Electrolux Professional 587042 (PBOT30GDWF) Touchline Tilting Kettle
$57,152.15 /each
Retail $57,152.15
Your price $53,682.95

If you're looking for quick and easy solutions to service your high-volume business, Chef Buyer's the right pick. It's well-known that soups, sauces, purees, and boils are important in a commercial setting. Have you been looking to do more with limited space, but also want specialized tools and efficiency to cater to a variety of customers? Commercial kettles are the preferred choice. The right commercial kettle can help you make preparations in a short period, is energy efficient, does not take up too much space, and can hold voluminous quantities of food. Their application is multifarious and can encompass a very large array of cuisines, styles, and consistencies of food. Modern kettles are based on different mechanisms and sources of power, so you get to choose from electric, natural gas, or steam-based kettles for your restaurant. Based on your establishment's service capacity, you can also choose from a variety of volumes to always keep your customers happy with timely deliveries.Chef Buyer sources all of its products directly from global veterans like AccuTemp, Vulcan, Cleveland, and Electrolux. With warranties that are covered by the manufacturers and prices no one else can beat, Chef Buyer guarantees customer satisfaction, and also supports you beyond your purchase. Our experience spans the length and breadth of commercial food business and equipment, and we're always available to help you out. Got commercial kettles on your mind? Dial Chef Buyer.

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