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Large Amount of Ice Production, Unsurpassed Performance and Practicality

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ITV Ice Makers IQ N 900 ICE QUEEN N Ice Maker
Retail $6,623.25
Your price $6,379.31
ITV Ice Makers IQN 1200 Ice Maker, Nugget-Style
Retail $7,531.18
Your price $7,253.79
ITV Ice Makers IQF 900 Ice Maker, Nugget-Style
Retail $6,623.25
Your price $6,379.31

If you need to produce large amounts of soft ice, a nugget ice machine could be the right choice for your kitchen or bar. Commercial ice machines can create enough ice for even the busiest shift, meaning you’ll never run low again!

Nugget ice is soft, moldable and chewable, either on its own or added to drinks.

You might be choosing nugget ice for therapeutic use, for storing or displaying chilled products, or for adding to beverages.

When it’s added to a drink, nugget ice takes on its flavour, meaning that it’s a great choice for cocktails and blended drinks.

Nugget ice is better at displacing liquid than cubed ice, so you can save on syrup or other beverage costs. You’ll also save on spillages, as nugget ice doesn’t foam when pouring carbonated drinks.

It’s also one of the fastest types of ice to produce. This makes it excellent for busy bars and restaurants – if you need a large amount of ice quickly, nugget ice machines are a good choice.

When purchasing a nugget ice machine, you should consider how much ice you use each day, as different machines have different capacities.

You must also think about the ice maker’s size, and whether you have the facility to plumb it into the water – we offer a range of water-cooled and air-cooled ice machines.

Whatever your kitchen or bar configuration, we have the nugget ice machine for you!

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