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John Boos JNS1836 Work Table  wood top


John Boos JNS01 Work Table


John Boos JNS1848 Work Table  wood top


John Boos JNS08 Work Table


Eagle Group MT2448B Work Table


John Boos JNS03 Work Table


Advance Tabco H2G-243 Work Table


Eagle Group MT3048B Work Table


John Boos SNS1836 Work Table  wood top


Eagle Group MT2460B Work Table


Advance Tabco H2G-244 Work Table


John Boos JNS1872 Work Table  wood top


Advance Tabco H2G-303 Work Table


John Boos SNS01 Work Table


John Boos JNS10 Work Table


Eagle Group MT2448S Work Table


John Boos JNS04 Work Table


Eagle Group MT2472B Work Table


Advance Tabco H2G-304 Work Table


Eagle Group MT3060B Work Table


Advance Tabco H2G-245 Work Table


Advance Tabco H2S-243 Work Table


John Boos TNS01 Work Table


John Boos JNS17 Work Table


John Boos HNS16 Work Table


Advance Tabco H2S-244 Work Table


John Boos SNS07 Work Table


While it is usual for foodservice establishments to invest in steel work tables, selecting a wooden work table with undershelf can be a good addition to your kitchen equipment, too. Mostly laminated and made of maple wood, it makes for a smooth surface, free of cracks to work on. Your staff can use it for everything from cutting vegetables and carving meats to chopping fruits without using a cutting board. Some wooden work tables also come attached with stainless steel undershelf and adjustable feet for leveling. If you want an all-in-one solution for storing as well as preparing dishes, this work table is the best fit for your establishment. You can either choose a flat top or a wooden table with raised edges to prevent spilling water. At Chef Buyer, our line of wooden tables can provide you with a quick and easy way to service your high-volume business. Before you make the purchase, confirm that the work table you choose fits into the wall space or compliment the kitchen layout. If you want to purchase a piece that adds to the décor at your establishment, look for one with an intricate design to impress your customers.

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