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Cooking 21st Century Style: Superior Induction Ranges to Choose for Your Restaurant

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Globe IR1800 Induction Range
$300.00 /each
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Globe GIR18 Induction Range
$510.00 /each
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Induction ranges provide an ingenious method of cooking food by utilizing electromagnetic fields to heat the vessel. While the surface of the range itself remains cool, the vessel is heated to cook food. Unlike conventional gas and electric ranges, the induction tops are indirect sources of heat. But if you have doubts about the quality, efficiency, or time of an induction cooker, rest assured that commercial induction ranges are just as effective as the conventional methods. Induction cooktops promote workplace safety as they remove the risk of burns, at least partially. These units can distribute heat evenly throughout the base of the vessel, helping you prepare dishes quickly and retain the uniformity of texture. Induction ranges are valuable additions to kitchens no matter the size. They’re available in large commercial options that have over four surfaces to cook on, and also come in single, standalone countertop units that can be a simple way to add a cooking surface. They can easily supplement the existing gas or electric range at your establishment, especially when you’re seeing a large number of customers. Induction ranges are also the go-to when you have an outdoor order to service or a buffet line to manage. Induction ranges can be one of the most productive tools to add to your kitchen when you’re seeking quick and easy ways to service your high-volume business. Chef Buyer maintains a large inventory of induction ranges, stocked full of premium quality models sourced from the best of brands. When purchasing from companies like Electrolux Professional, Garland, Lang, Globe, Waring, Admiral Craft, Nemco, and Southbend, you can be sure of adding an asset to your kitchen. We have attractive options at the best prices, regularly updated on our user-friendly catalogs. Rely on the proficient, call Chef Buyer.

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